How Do You Know When Your Skincare is Expired?

Expired skincare to dew list

Stop using your expired skincare products!

There’s a sad but true reality that you need to throw out that expensive moisturizer much sooner than you would like. If you’re like me, my skin  doesn’t drink product, it’s a pretty slow burn. For example, travel size or minis can last me a month if not more. But let’s face it, full sized containers, that shit will expire.

In the industry, there is a thing called period after opening or PAO. Most companies provide this information on the product itself next to the ingredient list. It’s typically a number with the letter M next to it, and is inside a cute little open container icon. This means the number of months that particular product is good for after you open it. If you continue to use your product after the PAO date, that product becomes more ineffective or could even cause negative reactions to your skin.

Generally this is your shelf life

  • Cleansers: about a year

  • Toners: 6 months to a year

  • Serums: about a year (but some ingredients are a bit more fickle like vitamin c and could be 6 months or less)

  • Acids: about a year

  • Moisturizers: about a year

  • SPF:about two years

For a longer shelf life

  • Store your products in a dark cool place.

  • Climate can make an impact, so keep an eye out for any changes in formula, smells or color.

  • Make sure the lid is completely screwed on, and tight!

  • Wash your hands or use clean tools to remove product from containers. 

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