Are you a skincare professional?

No. I am not a dermatologist, chemist, scientist or an esthetician. Just a fan girl who likes skincare, and sharing what i’ve learned along the way. Please see a doctor for any skin-related medical condition you may be having — I only offer suggestions and tips not professional advice or opinions.

HOw did you become interested in skincare?

I’ve worked as a creative in the fashion and beauty industry my whole career. Constantly being exposed to new technology, ingredients, and product; I got hooked.

Why Did you start To Dew list?

I’ve tried so many skincare products it was getting hard to keep track of what I liked or didn’t like. So, I started a do and don’t list to save myself from future break outs. Friends started to ask about product, so I decided put my list somewhere more public.

You said something wrong in one of your posts!

If you find something in error, please please tell me in the form on this page — I want to fix it! Like mentioned above, i’m not a professional, so I want to make sure i’m providing the most accurate information possible to readers. Thank you in advance for telling me.


What is your skin type? Do you blog about all skin types?

I have combination skin that leans more oily. I’m pretty sensitive to most products as a I break out really easily.

I mostly review and write about anti-aging products that work for oily skin types.

DO you DO collaborations?

Yes! I love to collaborate with people and brands. I think it’s important to join forces to help share information. If you want to connect, shoot me a note.

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