Take Care Of Your Full Face

Image by Liz Barclay

Image by Liz Barclay

Your face doesn’t end at your chin.

We are so quick to slather serums and creams to our faces at the first signs of aging, but fine lines, creases and that lovely chicken skin will eventually creep up on our necks and chest too if we don’t take care of it. I don’t know about you but I don’t want a fresh face with a wrinkly neck.

With that said, you gotta start paying attention to your neck and chest during your day/night ritual. I’ve overlooked this in the past and since adding moisturizer, anti-aging products, SPF and even toner past my jawline, I’ve seen a big difference in texture.


I hate to admit this, but i’m pretty selfish with my skincare. And i’m even more upset when something [expensive] is too harsh or heavy for my face — this happens a lot. So instead, I use those discarded products on my neck and chest! This way i’m not wasting anything, I feel better about covering more surface area with my second string lineup and can selfishly keep my favorites for my face!